Is Blogging Oversaturated?

One question new intending bloggers always ask is ‘Laila, is it too late to start a blog now?

how to start a blog

Chances are that you have been thinking about starting a blog for a long time now.

Perhaps you’ve come across some bloggers who have built massive online businesses, landed great deals and so much more. And you’re wondering if that kind of success could happen for you too.

But there’s a little voice inside your head telling you that you’ve missed the boat.

The voice is telling you it’s too late to start a blog today because all the profitable niches are already saturated. How could you possibly stand out among the millions of blogs already out there?

Or maybe you’re thinking nobody reads blogs anymore, can I still make money online? Any hope?

The truth REALLY is this:

We live in such an amazing age where we ALL can make money from sharing our thoughts online.

And while you’re standing on the sidelines worried about whether blogging is still worth it, whether you should start an online business today or not, know that action-takers out there are building one successful online business after the other, piling up wealth and fame, and changing their lives for the better every single day.

I’m very glad you are starting your blog journey with me.

So, I’m going to tell you the biggest mistake bloggers who never make money with their blogs make and I want you to be very attentive and ensure you DO NOT make this mistake!

Everyday, I see posts from people complaining about how hard it is to make money with a blog.

I see dead blogs from bloggers who have given up.

Well, let me tell you the blunt honest truth about blogging for money:

All those bloggers who have failed to make money, who have been trying desperately to make more than a few bucks from all their quality blog posts, failed because they missed one VITAL point: your blog is not your business.

If you want to make money with a blog – you must create a blog with a business backend.

You must create a blog that has products to sell and has a method to sell them.

This is the key to earning as much as $100,000 monthly as a blogger!

Your blog is not your business!

If you are confused, let me break things down a bit.

Here are the steps most aspiring bloggers who are doomed to fail take when starting their blogs:

  • Get an idea that sounds fun.
  • Start a blog.
  • Write a bunch of posts.
  • Throw Google Adsense all over your website, plus any other advert you can possibly sign up for.
  • Use up all available white space on your new blog and just PACK it with adverts and affiliate links.
  • Read blogs by people like me, get some ideas, never implement them but keep dreaming about making money from blogging.
  • Write some more posts.
  • Check Adsense. Wow, you made a dollar today. Let’s celebrate.
  • Then as time goes on and money isn’t pouring in as you dreamt, you shout f**k this. This is too much work for no pay. The gurus are lying, they’re all scammers, and everything sucks.

Does this sound familiar?

Here is the mistake this blogger made:

This blogger thought that his/her blog was the business. That if you build it, money will come.

No, dear. That just isn’t true.

The days of chucking advert banners all over your blog and sitting back while Adsense payments roll in are OVER.

Very many people who start blogging today, hoping to make money from just Adsense etc will never see this dream come true.

Even, some of the big news websites around that have advert banners all over are now asking for donations from their readers. Have you noticed this yet?

The BIGGEST mistake you will make as an aspiring blogger, which all bloggers who are not making money from their blog make is – thinking that your blog is your business.

If you do this, you will fail!

From my over 8 years in this business of blogging, take this truth from me:

If you start blogging and see it as just a website where you post news or post random thoughts in your head and then sit and wait for people to click your advert banners, you will NEVER make good money from your site!

Here’s a little secret about blogging that you might not know:

If you’re making money through your blog, you’re not just a blogger. You are an entrepreneur.

Your blog is an asset of your business.

Your blog is the face of your business, it’s not your whole business.

  • Together in this course, you and I will create your blog.
  • And whenever you write a blog post on your new blog, you will make sure it drives people to sign up for your email list.
  • This allows you to build a deeper connection with your audience.
  • Instead of spending all your time writing hundred blog posts each week, you will write one or two quality posts and focus your time on developing products that add value to your audience.

Follow this right approach to blogging and in six months, you will be making so much money from your blog!

Just remember to send Laila a thank-you package by then😆

So is it too late to start an online business today?

No sir! No ma!

In fact, there has never been a better time to make money online and not only change your life but also impact millions of people around the globe by offering actionable solutions to their problems.

I can give you more than a dozen compelling reasons (backed by solid data, numbers, and examples) why today is the best time to start an online business. But think about these three first!

  • 1. Millions Of New People Are Coming Online Every Month!

Did you know that nearly half of the world’s population still does not have internet access?

There is a study that showed that as at 2018, 47% of the world’s population has no access to the internet.

And that every day – around 1 million people get internet access for the first time in their lives.

This roughly translates into 11 new internet users every second.

Billions of new people are going to join the internet in the next few years.

Most of these people coming online for the first time in their lives are looking for information, they want to buy something, they will become online consumers.

If you start your blog today, just imagine the possibilities and the business opportunities that’ll come with them.

  • 2. People Are Actively Searching the Internet for Information

If you are looking for movies to watch, cheap flight deals, phone discounts or health tips, where do you look?

Google, of course.

Did you know that the number of daily searches on Google has exceeded 3.5 billion (1.2 trillion a year)?

From an online business perspective, this means that no matter what niche you’re in, your target audience is actively searching Google and other search engines for relevant information and the solutions to their problems.

These people want answers and their number is growing.

If you can give your audience what they’re looking for, you will fuel your online business growth for years to come.

  • 3. It Has Never Been Easier To Start a Blog or an Online Business than Today

Today is THE BEST TIME in history to become an online entrepreneur!

Just a few years ago, a simple static website, with basic looks and no fancy options, would cost you nearly $10,000 and took weeks to complete.

Fast forward to today, you can set up a mobile responsive website, a blog, an e-commerce store, a portfolio site or ANY other kind of website within minutes using any leading website builder.

WordPress, however, is by far the best and the easiest platform to set up a website in minutes.

As a result, millions of people who know NOTHING about website development now have their own WordPress websites.

If you want to start an online business – it has never been easier and more affordable to do so than today.

All you need is an idea that solves a problem.

Turn it into a business, set up your website, start building your audience and the rest is history.

One thing to remember on your journey to successful blogging is that no one else can be you.

You are unique and have something to offer the world that can’t be duplicated. When you tap into that space in your life, you will step outside of a saturated market and attract people who want what you have to offer.

If you are still dragging your feet about starting your blog today and waiting for the ‘right time’?

I’ve got news for you.

The right time will never come.

It never comes.

You need to pick this moment and turn it into the one that changes your life.

No one else will do it for you.

Your life – your profit, your loss.

Yes, blogging can be learned and perfected without spending money on expensive courses, books or consulting.

And I’m going to show you how.

It’s time for you to stop being a wannabe online entrepreneur/blogger and start taking action on what you already know.

Trust me, you know a LOT more than you think.

A LOT more than the 47% of mankind who’ve never been online.

It’s time to take action.

The right time is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

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