How to Choose A Memorable Domain Name For Your Blog

Choosing the right domain name for your website is important for the success of your blog.

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A domain name is the name of your blog.

The name of your blog is what readers will see first (like

I own two websites and my domain names for the two sites are and

The name of your blog tells readers about who you are, the topics you’re blogging about. It is part of your branding strategy and making yourself memorable to your readers.

Your blog name represents you.

And while this is true, naming your blog is actually NOT the most important part of creating a successful blog.

The content you create, the feeling that you give your readers and the value you give them for visiting your blog far outweighs any blog name you come up with when first launching.

Consider the company Samsung.

People don’t spend billions of dollars each year on Samsung products just because they love the name.

People buy Samsung because they love their products and believe that they have original intuitive ideas that beat their competition.

Today, many people do love the name Samsung, but it was their ingenuity, branding, and marketing that made the company what it is.

Again, you can easily change the name of your blog later if you ever need to.

I changed my blog name from to

All you need to do to make a change is buy a new domain name.

However, here are some tips you need to bear in mind while picking a name for your blog.

Quick note:

I know a reputable, trustworthy website where you can get your domain name for free! Scroll down to see the link.

Secondly, the second you see a domain name you love and you confirm it is available to be bought, please get it immediately before someone else buys it before you.

Thousands of new domain names are registered from all parts of the world everyday.

Domain names are like real estate.

Thousands of people are actively looking for good domain names that they can register.

If you find a domain name that you like, then don’t wait too long.

If you don’t act fast, then someone may go ahead and register your domain idea before you.

So, the moment you see a domain name you like and it is available, buy it fast before someone else does.

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

  • 1. Stick with .com:

There are plenty of new domain name extensions available today, from the original .com, .net and .org to niche extension like .pizza, .photography, and even .blog.

I always recommend choosing a .com domain name.


Dot-com domains are the most memorable domains in the world.

My domain name is

Many online users, especially those who aren’t tech-savvy, will automatically type “.com” at the end of every domain without thinking about it. You will always lose traffic to your site every time this happens if you don’t pick a .com.

It’s smart to avoid that risk by sticking with .com.

  • 2. Keep your domain name short, make it easy to pronounce and spell.

I recommend keeping your domain name under 15 characters. Longer domains will be harder for your users to remember.

  • 3. Your blog domain name must be unique, so you can stand out in your readers’ minds.

Keep your domain name unique and brandable.

  • 4. Avoid hyphens in your domain name.

Never create a domain name with hyphens. For example:

Hyphens can be a sign of spam domains which you do not want to be associated with.

  • 5. Consider using your name for your domain name

I highly recommend registering your name as a domain even if you have no plans to do anything with it.

My name is Laila Ijeoma.

I have already bought my name as a domain name.


Because you never know if you just might become a household name in the future. And then you’ll be glad you have it.

If you plan on using your blog to sell a service you provide or if you hope to speak or become a published writer, your name might be perfect.

If you have a really difficult name to say or spell, consider using your first and middle, or a nickname, or make up a new name altogether (yes, people really do that).

  • 6. Don’t overthink it

I hear from a lot of people who get stuck at the point of choosing their domain name because they’re afraid of making the wrong choice with a domain name.

The most common problem is that they can’t find an available .com.

If this is you, just make your best guess and move on.

REMEMBER – The content you create on your blog, the feeling that you give your readers and the value you give them for visiting your blog far outweighs any blog name you come up with when first launching.

Again, you can easily change the name of your blog later if you ever need to.

I changed my blog name from to 6 years later when I wanted to become a news agency rather than just a news blog.

Don’t forget to act quickly before someone else takes your domain name.

What is The Best Blogging Platform?

The main step in starting a blog, is actually getting your blog online.

And a common problem beginners face when they first start a blog is deciding what is the best blogging platform to use.

There’s lots of options including a free WordPress blog, a free Blogger blog, a free Wix or Medium blog, and then the self hosted WordPress blog.

What is a self-hosted blog?

A self hosted blog/website is when you pay a web hosting company such as Bluehost to host your website on the Internet so that it can be viewed online.

This means that you own your website.

Again, self hosting allows you unlimited capabilities as to what you can do with your site compared to when your site is on a free host like Blogger.

As a beginner in blogging, ensure you keep your focus on your main goal, which is – make money online.

Your goal is to reach a point where you will start making money from your blog.

And to make this happen – you need to have your own domain name and host your own blog.

And again – Seriously, there’s nothing sillier than starting your blog on a cheap web hosting service just to save a few bucks.

This is because just like a sinkhole, a low-quality hosting service can collapse any minute taking your website and your online business down with it.

Make the right decision from the beginning and choose the right platform.

I have been there, done that. 2020 is my 8th year of blogging.

I can help you make the best decisions when it comes to blogging.

BlueHost is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world and currently hosts more than 2 million websites.

It’s also one of the 3 web hosting services officially endorsed by

Bluehost is one of the most established, reliable companies in the blog hosting industry.

WordPress is a free publishing platform that’s been around since 2003 and now powers more than 60% of all blogs on the Internet.

With WordPress, you can add a shop to your blog, create a membership website, and add tons of marketing tools to your blog, and earn money.

This perfect combination of Bluehost and WordPress is what we’ll be using to start your blog.

For today, take a moment now and think up domain names for your blog.

Then, in our next post, I will show you how to easily check if your domain name is available so you can get it immediately using my link that gives you a free domain name.

Then, after that, we get your domain name & hosting set up.

Yes, blogging can be learned and perfected without spending money on expensive courses, books or consulting.

And I’m going to show you how😊.

You need to invest in a good domain name and reliable hosting (which you can get very inexpensively right here by using my ).

When you sign up, you get a free domain, free SSL, easy 1-click WordPress install, and a great 24/7 support team. Their plans start at $3.95/ month and they have a 30-day money back guarantee.

A good domain name and a very reliable web hosting are the best solid foundations for a successful, profitable blog.

Your web hosting plan is one of the most important choices you’ll make when starting your blog.

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